About Us

All Things Chilli

Barbara’s Kitchen has been inspired by my passion for healthy, homegrown produce. My garden, my love of cooking, and some excellent feedback from family and friends has allowed me to develop the concept, and Barbara’s Kitchen was born.

I now give you the opportunity to buy my delicious chilli jams and relishes.

We grow chillies at home from seed, varieties such as Cayenne, Habanero, Vampire, Dorset Naga, Wrinkled Old Man (I kid you not) to name a few.

From plant to pan in hours means that you won’t get fresher.  Although these preserves all have a kick to them, this does not detract from the authentic fresh flavour.

All my preserves are lovingly prepared and stirred by hand in small open batches, in the traditional way to preserve the quality and taste. NO artificial colourings or preservatives are used in the cooking process. 100% natural. Vegan & gluten free!!

The stunning labels were designed and painted by my friend Mary Davidson who is a Scottish artist based in Edinburgh.

Vegetarian & Vegan Street Food

Food is my life and being a committed vegetarian for over 50 years, I have perfected some great popular vegetarian menus.

Having a professional chef for a mother meant that food was an important part of my life. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine featured daily and I carry that theme through my food today.

After years of going to food festivals with very little on offer for vegetarians, I realised that there was a gap in the market.

So we took the plunge and did our first food festival in Christchurch in 2013. It was hugely successful, with fantastic reviews and support, and we haven’t looked back since.

Wedding/Party Favours

Little individual pots of jams/jellies made to order. Something a little different for your event.

Great pairings with cheeseboards.

Please contact me for details.