Chilli Chutney & Dorset Ale

We have partnered with Southbourne Ales to bring you a hearty chilli chutney full of vegetables, dates, apples and spices with a fruity local ale. The star of a Ploughman's platter. Not too hot, but with a background warmth. TANGY

Cranberry & Chilli Jam

Explosive spiced cranberries and chillies give this jam a delicious heat. Deep red complimented by the fiery warmth of the chillies. It can be the star of your next cheese plate or a killer on sandwiches, sausages, burgers. Don't save just for the holidays. Get creative with this amazing berry full of vitamins. SOUR SWEET

Beelzebub Chilli Jam


If you like your condiment blazing hot then this is the one for you, Delicious hot chillies go into this searing hot chilli jam. The best thing is, that the fresh flavours still come trhough. Perfect on burgers, or add to chilli/curry for an extra chilli hit. SIZZLING

Bombay Spice

All the Indian flavours go into to this hot chilli jam. Serve it with poppadoms and mango chutney, works a treat. Or pop some in a cheese sandwich and fabulous in an egg banjo or kedgeree. It ain't half hot Mum!! FRUITY

Bloody Mary Chilli Jam


Inspired by my favourite cocktail, “the ultimate pick me up”. Classic flavours go into this hot savoury piquant chilli jam. Works well added to home made tomato sauces and pasta SPICY

Chipotle Chilli Jam

If you like a smokey/bbq flavour, this one's for you. Deliciously moreish, you will keep coming back to the pot. Goes beautifully with cold meats, cheese and more. SMOKY

Chilli & Lime Jam

This jam has a lovely citrussy flavour complimenting the heat. A real freshness which will add zing to whatever you choose to have it with. Recommended with any savouries or dip into fries. ZESTY

Rupert's Relish

A chunky fruity delicious relish full of flavour. Great in sandwiches, and spices up a Ploughman's. The choice is yours! FRUITY

Street Food - Falafels, Hummus, Veggie Scotch Eggs

Barbara's Kitchen produces a delicious selection of home produced vegetarian street food, including; falafels, hummus, speciality salads, veggie Scotch eggs and more.....

Barbara at Wimborne Folk Festival

What a busy event. A total sell out

Delicious Vegan frankfurter

These are so popular, we always sell out!!

Jackfruit burger

We try to change the specials to give our customers variation

Coming second at the Melplash Show with my vegan burger